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Easy Yoga Poses To Do While Sitting On Your Chair

Easy Yoga Poses To Do While Sitting On Your Chair

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Yoga at your desk!

Tired of your hectic 9 to 9 desk job schedules? As a matter of fact, being fixated to your chair for hours and hours indicate a deprivation of the body from the much needed physical activity. Rather, this has been a common cause for many facing backaches and injuries from repeated exposure to stress. So how do you cope with it? Yoga at your desk can help.

Have a peek here into some of the easy yoga poses that you can perform even while being seated (or glued) to your chair!

– Eagle Arms

While being seated on to your chair, just place your arms corresponding down to the ground. Take your arms towards the front end. Keep your right arm crossed over your left arm according to a manner which makes your palms touch one another. Lift your elbows while keeping your spine upright. Now just keep this pose on hold for a count of five prior to relaxing. Perform the move by means of the left arm above the right one.

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– Spinal Twist

This calls for being seated sidelong on your chair. Both your feet need to be kept in a flat position on the ground. Hold your chair with both your hands and entwine to the reverse side of your chair. Now just hold on for a count of two prior to relaxing and then repeating with the other end.

– Neck Rolls

One of the easiest yoga poses- neck rolls begin with slowly rotating your neck, (right ear to right shoulder) and then rotating the head back. This is to be followed by repeating on the other end i.e the left ear to left shoulder. Do not perform this action of neck rotation hurriedly at any point.

-Forward Fold

With an upright position spine, be seated on your chair , keeping your feet flat on the ground.Gradually,lower your head while slowly turning the upper part of your back, and lowering the chest positioning it between the legs. Attempt to place your palms near the proximity of your feet. Now keep the pose on hold for 2 seconds before you gradually roll up again.

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-Cat-Cow Stretch

Rest your feet flat on the ground with your hands kept on the knees. Now arch your back as you look up towards the ceiling and inhale. Then slowly exhale as you turn your spine and restore your body to its starting point.

-Finger Stretches

On your desk, position your hands while facing the palms towards the ceiling. Pointing your fingers towards you, just add a mild pressure for counter-stretching your wrist and forearm. Extend your other arm also in a similar way. Perform this on either end – five to ten times.

Yoga on the chair- your assistant to your woes

Thus , Yoga at work is a great way to muster up some of the essential physical activity while helping you counteract stress , keeping you relaxed, controlling blood pressure, relieving back pain and keeping you motivated throughout.

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