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Why Schema Tags Are Important In SEO?


Today the importance of schema tags is much more than the influence of Meta tags and HTML tags, whether it’s your local business, organization, or event. It is not just vital that you have schema tad on your website to improve the visibility prominent your website bin search results, but more importantly, you should have the right schema tags for your website to make it more visible in search results.

The famous internet marketing company, YEAH! Local has explained some essential points of schema tags, which we don’t know often.

Types of schema tags

  • Microdata
  • RDFa

JASON LD is the accessible schema code that is implemented on the website. But if you are not familiar with Jason, then don’t worry because still, you can use Microdata or RDFa schema code to get benefited. It doesn’t matter whether you use JASON LD or any other Microdata format because both provide you equal benefits. As far as search engines are concerned, they don’t feel different between Jason LD or A Tel prop schema tags, and they read them both and gives them equal prominence.

How many schema tags you require

There is no such limit on the schema tags, and you can insert as many schema tags as you want for your website, but it is recommended that you should only use limited schema tags or tags which are only required for your business. Don’t inset too many schema tags. It doesn’t mean that Google will punish you for inserting too many schema tags because Google seriously doesn’t bother about it, but inserting too many schema tags will make your website coding heavier, and it’s load time will increase which is not suitable for any website.


What type of schema tags is required for what kind of website?

For e-commerce website

Product Schema: In the product schema tags on all the product pages with aggregate reviews and ratings.

Organization schema: Most of the e-commerce platforms have heir own separate entity;, therefore, organization schema tags are more required for such websites.

Search Schema: This type of schema is intended to promote the search bar or search ribbon, which is present on almost all the eCommerce websites.

For local businesses:

Local Business Schema: For any local business like plumbing services, electricians, or cleaning services, the local business schema is required.

Make sure while creating the local business schema following fields should be taken into account like

  • The exact physical address of business with a correct PO number
  • Proper telephone number
  • Business Logo
  • Accurate business description
  • Business Website

Importance for the users

The schema tags don’t have any technical significance. Though Google and other search engines do give a lot of importance to the schema tags they don’t make a significant difference in the rankings. Google, in particular, highlights the schema tags in the search results, but don’t be in the misconceptions that if you have schema tags on your website, then you have more chances of getting rank higher in the search results. Google has never officially said this. Though, time after time, Google keeps saying that if you got the right schema tags on your website, it would improve its visibility, . Still, they never said that the schema tags are the direct ranking factor and have an impact on the rankings in Google search results.

Top Reasons Why You Should Donate More to Charity


Disease outbreaks, natural disasters, humanitarian crises — today’s needs are pressing, but people’s way of giving is also evolving. Technology, along with tax laws, changing societal mores, and shifting consciousness, have all paved the way for people to support charitable causes.

Today’s donors find it appealing to put their money in a cause that affirms their values. And the said charities where these folks put their money into has been modeled, taking into account all the latest trends in various industries. It is hence not surprising that people can now donate a car in Utah to help people ailing from kidney diseases. People who believe in giving second chances to people suffering from kidney diseases do sign up to help organizations like donate car Utah. This phenomenon is called impact investing, an act of supporting a group to achieve its social mission.

If you are not fully convinced to share what you have to charity, here are some reasons why you should go for it.

Feel Happy About the Act of Sharing

In a National Institutes of Health study, it was revealed that those who share with others feel more pleasure. Though the study’s respondents and the environment they were in are controlled, it showed that donating money makes one feel better. This is something that anyone can benefit from.

Help Needy People

There may be no perfect time to give, but know that there are people out there who always need your help. Even if the economy is terrible, the truth remains that if you donate money, you get to help people who desperately need it. Whether you are giving $10 or $1,000, your generosity will go a long way. The thought that your help is a relief to others is enough reason for you to commit to more selfless acts.

Enjoy Tax Deductions

If the charity you have chosen is IRS-approved, you can ask for a write off on your tax returns. While there may be applicable restrictions, it is good to know that the government also acknowledges and repays good deeds. To know more about these restrictions, you can check the website of the IRS.

Meet New People Supporting the Same Cause

When you support donate car Utah, for example, you also get to meet people who believe in this inspiring cause. This, along with the impact of your help to the cause, can add more meaning to your life. So, if you feel like being stuck in a rut, a simple act of generosity can reinvigorate you.

Encourage Your Children to Share

When the kids see that you help out charitable causes, they are more likely to learn this mindset of generosity, too. Many parents who give to charities shared that they have influenced their kids also to give. A simple act like sponsoring food to a group of hungry street children can teach your kids to be kind and generous to the needy.

Motivate Family and Friends

When you let your family and friends know your charitable activities, you can motivate them to give, too. It takes a whole community to tackle social issues like poverty, hunger, and access to healthcare. Stoking passions in people close to you, in itself, is a substantial and positive effort of your effort to share.

You may not gain material things from donating, but the thought that you helped save a life is more than comforting. Simple acts of random kindness can spark the spirit of giving among the people in the community. If you are responsible for igniting this passion for helping and giving, then you should be proud of yourself. In your own unique way, you make this world a better place to live.

How Comprehensive Are Group Insurance Policies?


When it comes to group insurance plans, it’s important to be aware that they are intended to offer a broader range of coverage and greater options than a Canadian has with the healthcare system alone. Not only does it provide a backup to what’s already available, but it often extends beyond that to include other benefits too.

In this article, we discuss how comprehensive group insurance policies are and why they’re worth looking out for when applying for a job.

Prescription Cover Without the Hassle

Getting prescriptions, especially refills, is a pain. Taking time off to visit the doctor, get checked out and then get the prescription filled before the pharmacy has closed for the day isn’t fun.

Many group policies in Canada are hooked into the TELUS system that provides national coverage to approve dispensing approved medication, including repeat prescriptions. The TELUS card is carried by the employee and can be used to secure agreed medication that’s covered under a claim on their group policy. This makes getting medication for occasional illnesses or serious, prolonged ones, much easier than before this system was available.

Vision Cover

Some group policies include coverage for vision: contacts or glasses. There’s also the possibility that it may also cover laser eye surgery or other surgeries to correct a visual abnormality.

Vision cover is usually under extended-care benefits on group policies and should be checked. There will often be an annual amount under the plan per employee or person covered, which might be $200 or higher/lower annually. Check the details to be sure if you regularly wear contacts or glasses.

Dental Care Cover

Many policies include dental care. Usually, this at a minimum covers a regular check-up over a specific period and any x-rays or films required, along with cleaning, polishing, and scaling teeth to keep them in good health.

Many policies will allow for some oral surgery to fix things like an impacted wisdom tooth that needs removing and the pain relief necessary during this kind of procedure too. A filling here and there and a crown or two might also be covered as well.

More advanced treatment may be covered but it should be checked. This might be work on the gums to resolve gum disease, a root canal, bridges, and crowns. With braces and other corrective fittings, this usually only applies to people 17 or younger.

Life Insurance, Employee Life, Dependent Life, etc.

It’s quite common to see insurance cover extend beyond health treatment to cover life insurance too. The thinking here is where some coverage goes into critical illness and disability issues, it’s only natural that other possibilities with an employee such as a loss of life, might be covered too.

There are different types of life insurance such as employee life, dependent life to provide for spouses, and so forth. It very much depends on the policy and what’s provided for. However, many times, policies that offer this coverage provide into the six-figures for loss of life. The idea here is to help the descendants or family at a difficult time.

Beyond the essential health care coverage, group policies are more comprehensive than you would imagine. In fact, they cover a wide variety of outcomes for employees, which is gratifying.

What to Consider When Getting a Video Wall Up?


Perhaps, you have already experienced a dynamic visualization of data. But video walls solutions have now been introduced with slim installation depths, narrow bezels and most importantly, variable mounting systems. So, when it comes to installing video walls, the first and foremost thing to consider is what is your actual goal.

Well-recognized companies or organizations hire different video walls solutions providers to give a boost to their audience and grab the attention of a handsome number of customers to sell produces or provide services. Secondly, a careful selection of a video wall controller according to need.

We have laid out quite a few important elements, such as display types, integration, software, controllers and others to consider if you are looking to buy a video wall solution.

Display Types

The lower display resolution means the less PPI density (pixels per inch), and in terms of visualization, PPI matters a lot. The reason is that it’s responsible for the detail of images, clarity, vividness and sharpness. Getting your hands on a display type that offers longevity and reliability is a bold move and both LCD and LED displays can support 24/7 use for so many years to come. Besides, a suitable space is required to install a video wall display and LED or LCD both have narrow profiles and can easily be mounted. In comparison, other systems, for instance, projection cubes take a lot of space. It’s mandatory to determine your space before you buy a specific display type.


It should be crystal-clear why you are mounting a video wall. Whether you are going to use it for presentations, control room operations or any other purpose, you will need a controller, indeed. Controllers vary according to the number of inputs they can provide and the number of different data sources to be viewed simultaneously. If you have to show a decent amount of information simultaneously, you must go for a controller that sports a vast number of inputs and outputs features.


The usage of a system should be figured out before buying video wall software. It’s also essential to consider who will use the system and how much he/she is familiar with it. Normally, a video wall system is being used by first-time users in auditoriums and conference rooms.

Spontaneous functionality and easy-to-understand interface both are, therefore, the key to minimize the issue. It’s quite important to choose software that has required features, but it should be designed very well and easy to understand.

You will need to buy software that supports multi-user workflow if your video wall system is going to use in an environment where many users will operate it the way they want. Presentation is a mandatory application of any video wall system – so be sure the software supports presentation design. There is a wide range of software that enables users to create and save a sequence of content design, which can be displayed one after another on a visual display screen automatically.


The most crucial concerns, without any doubt, is an environment that can play a vital role to affect the entire video wall system. Extreme temperature, humidity, and vibration can easily destroy a display system when mounting it under these susceptible conditions. However, there are some display types and controllers available, which are designed specifically for use in inadequate environments. If you are going to place a video wall display system somewhere in a public place, corporate environment or a university, make sure it’s good enough to attract the people and placed perfectly in the centre of the wall.

System Support

Obviously, it’s a significant investment to install a video wall system, and you are already aware of it very well. So, it’s compulsory to make sure it’s protected, secure and able to be operated for many years to come. The best way is to find out a genuine video wall solution provider like Video Walls Houston that offers long-term and robust support plan with complete integrated video wall solution without breaking your bank.

If due to any reason, a video wall solution provider isn’t able to access your site or location, you will then need to perform installation and maintenance by your own embedded contractors or personnel. Search for a company that provides comprehensive and realistic instruction and can prepare the staff to support their system.

Some solutions for video walls can be integrated with external technology such as conference systems, speakers, shades and lighting. Such devices can be operated through a video wall software when integrated with the network.

Seven Signs You May Have an Addiction


When it comes to addiction, you may think that noticing the signs in yourself or in other people is easy. TV shows and movies have set up expectations of what addicts should look like. The reality, however, is much different and knowing whether you have an addiction may be more challenging than you think.

There are some signs that may indicate you have an addiction, and being able to recognize them will allow you to admit that you have a problem. This is the first step to getting help and overcoming this issue. Below are some of the signs that you may exhibit if you are an addict.

1. You Attempt to Keep Your Use Secret

One of the biggest signs that you have an addiction is the fact that you attempt to keep your substance use secret. If you believe that your usage is shameful or excessive and you don’t want others to know what you are doing, but you continue to use, this is a sign that you are addicted.

2. If Someone Brings up Your Use, You Make Excuses for Your Behavior

If someone notices and brings up your behavior or use of a substance and you make an excuse for why you are using or downplay the seriousness of the use, this is another sign that you may have an addiction. No matter how bad or flimsy the excuse might be, you will offer one to explain why you continue to use a particular substance.

3. You Suffer from Withdrawal if You Attempt to Stop

When you use a substance for a long time, your body adapts to it being in the system. You learn how to function with that substance in your body. If you attempt to take that substance away, you will feel discomfort as your body tries to get used to functioning without it.

In many cases, withdrawal symptoms can be incredibly challenging to deal with. Depending on the drug you are trying to stop taking, you can have flu-like symptoms, which include body aches, chills and upset stomach, or you might experience seizures and anxiety. In some cases, you may even experience depression or tremors.

If you feel any of these ailments when trying to stop a particular substance, this may be another sign of addiction. For many, these symptoms are so uncomfortable and hard to deal with, they will revert to taking that substance just so they can feel better.

4. Your Tolerance for the Substance Is Increasing

As mentioned, the more you take a substance, the more your body gets used to it. Thus, over time, you will need more to feel the same effects the first time you used. If you find that you have to continuously increase the amount of the substance to get high, then this may be another sign that you have an addiction.

5. You Can’t Seem to Stop

Even if you want to stop, if you know that what you are doing is harmful, but you can’t, then this is one of the biggest signs of addiction. Essentially, addiction is an interference with your impulse control. When you no longer have control over your actions and can’t stop yourself from taking the substance, you have lost yourself to addiction.

6. You Take Risks and Make Sacrifices for the Substance

The longer you take a particular substance, the more it rewires your brain. This means that to get the substance, you may take unnecessary risks or make sacrifices. This might include stealing from your parents or your best friend. You may also be willing to share needles with strangers just so you can get high.

When you are under the influence of the substance, this may also lead you to act in ways you normally wouldn’t. This could include driving fast or engaging in fights. Taking unnecessary and dangerous risks to get the substance is another sign that you have a problem.

7. You Think You Need it to Cope with Your Problems

Life can be tough. The world can be a challenging and hurtful place, but there are natural, healthy ways to deal with any issue that you might face. If you refuse to stop taking a substance because you believe that it is the only thing that can help you cope with your problems, then you have an addiction. Needing the substance to deal with your problems is faulty thinking. The substance usually causes more problems than it solves, so you are only compounding your issues and making things worse.

Determining If You Have an Addiction

When it comes to addiction, it impacts people in a variety of ways. Not all of these items need to apply to let you know you have a problem. Even if you have one or two of the signs on this list, that could be an indicator that you are an addict. What you need to decide is if you are willing to admit you have a problem and ask for some help.