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How to Use Geomarketing to Increase Conversions?


Personalization has been a big trend in email marketing for the last years, and its role will only grow. The concept itself is rather wide and requires much data in order to work at full: to create more personalized offers, companies collect and process customer’s personal info, professional data, language preferences, web tracking, campaign opens and clicks, etc. Geolocation is also an important piece of data that contributes to the fullness of a customer profile. Moreover, with more companies getting international, its role has become that important that location-based marketing has been assigned as a separate marketing category.

What Is Geomarketing

Geomarketing is a subtype of digital marketing that uses geolocation data to deliver more relevant and location-targeted campaigns. It can be further divided into Geotargeting and Geofencing, and there are some differences between the two:

Why Your Business Needs Geomarketing

Depending on the business goals and general marketing strategy, geomarketing can have a different impact on your overall marketing performance. However, regardless of the usage, it can benefit your business in many ways, for example:

  • help deliver more targeted content;
  • invite online customers for in-store shopping;
  • promote your brand within a certain location;
  • improve local search ranking;
  • promote local events;
  • encourage loyalty of local communities.

How to Use Geomarketing Effectively in Email Campaigns

Like any type of marketing, geomarketing has particular aspects you need to consider to succeed with your email campaigns.

1. Know who you target.

To build a long-term email marketing strategy, first find out what geographical areas your audience comes from. You can segment subscribers directly in the ESP you use, or use Google Analytics (Audience ? Geo ? Location).


2. Optimize your content for local SEO.

Optimized content (website blog, local landing pages, Google My Business, social media hashtags) would let you use geomarketing tools (Facebook geotargeting, AdWords geotargeting, Google Maps and Reviews, etc.) more effectively. They, in their turn, would give you more data to analyze and use when creating further campaigns.

3. Schedule campaigns properly.

There are numerous research by international think tanks and local companies on sending time options that work best for this or that region. Study the data applicable to your needs, and time your campaigns correspondingly.

4. React to local events.

Black Friday, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, Easter are the regular holidays most companies dedicate campaigns to. However, there are many location-specific events that can also drive sales: sports events, festivals, music concerts, fairs, etc. For example, college football is a very popular sports in the U.S. Championship games, especially finals, are big events that often get wide media coverage and public attention, and many brands use the occasion to reach out. In 2020, the final between LSU Tigers and Clemson Tigers was held on January 13, in New Orleans, and many companies sent promo campaigns to their US-based subscribers to promote the event-related products. The biggest response was probably generated by Louisiana and South Carolina, the home states of the teams, but other states also did their part, as the game was a nation-wide event.

5. Comply with local privacy laws.

Your business needs to be compliant with the email regulations of every country you have subscribers from: GDPR (EU), CAN-SPAM (US), CASL (Canada), Spam Act of 2003 (Australia), Consumer Rights Protection Law 2013 (China), Unsolicited Electronic Communications Policy (UAE), etc. Note that alongside GDPR, many European countries have their own data protection acts that regulate commercial campaigns. Although most of the articles intersect, you’d better make sure your customer policy complies with all the requirements. In the USA, different states may have different policies. For example, the recent California Consumer Privacy Act that went in effect on January 1, 2020, covers only California residents, but you still need to follow its regulations if you have at least one subscriber from California.

6. Use flexible email templates.

Adapting content for geo-targeted emails may require some editing within a template: translate the copy text and CTA (for multilingual campaigns), insert corresponding product recommendations (for AI-supported systems), choose proper images, etc. The more flexible template design you have, the easier and faster you will adapt it.

7. Include relevant images.

Localizing the images for the target audience is also an important element of geomarketing. For example, if you promote an event hosted at the particular store, make sure you include the right store image in the email. In the campaign inviting for a webinar in Liverpool, the image of Big Ben or London Bridge would look a bit irrelevant. If you run several workshops in different locations, speaker photos in each invitation should display the people who’re announced to participate in the particular workshop. Personalized geo-targeted email campaigns will help grow your audience and keep up the relevant communication with people from different regions. The bigger your market presence, the more segmented your contact list, and the more optimized campaigns you need to come up with.

IELTS Coaching in Dehradun | Best IELTS Coaching Center Dehradun


Why are You intending to migrate abroad after the completion of the 12th board exams? Graduation from Asian countries requires better communication abilities in English. Therefore, students who want to go outside India to their additional studies can choose to get entrance into the fantastic IELTS Coaching in Dehradun institute. IELTS is one of the real exams that certify proficiency in the English language. Do you feel that selecting any of the academic coaching centers that slamming the book tougher is enough for passing the last IELTS exams? Substantially, you need to be wrong. It’s not at all about hard work; it is only that you will need to study efficiently with the help of specialists. Thus, selecting the ideal IELTS coaching institute is essential. If you are eager to decide on an IELTS coaching Institute, consider these elements while picking out a IELTS Coaching in Dehradun.

According To your requirement, you’ll be trained by accredited faculties that are seasoned and are knowledgeable and will function all the essential information and steps for the final exams. You will be provided the finest academic guidance in the IELTS institute, research materials, along with other ecessary information and assist if necessary.

Elasticity punctually:

It Thus, one needs a lot of practice and time to make their fluency in English 100% precision, like sailors. Picking out the IELTS Coaching in Dehradun is the correct option at which you will be receiving a prior time and also have certain restrictions is a cure.

Ensure that the courses you have chosen and have to be on time and in a compassionate manner, and timing is flexible, according to you. Though Flexibility in courses is very much essential for IELTS pupils.

Acknowledged by authority

A Recognized electricity for an IELTS gives you huge relief. Some coaching institutes operate there as a college assistant. Selecting these institutes will be a golden opportunity to clear the exam, and every university assistant must update with new protocols and criteria of the specific country.

Variable Numbers of employed individuals who want to study abroad either in learning or for proficiency in courses. They can also prefer weekend batches for their improvement. In cases like this, choosing a weekend pile with them is much preferable. So, choose the institute at which weekend batches are scheduled.

Research materials, practice sets, and mock test:

A Step wise step process is huge to make the pupils qualified for clearing the final examination. The top-ranked university also wants at least a 7.0 score in aggregate of 6.5 in every subject. Therefore, choosing the best institute will provide 1st class teaching technique together with the best study materials that’ll be helping you score great results in the examinations. Also, clarify if they are providing mock tests after completion of a single session. For your improvement and also to achieve your target, solving practice papers and providing mock evaluations will be very helpful for students.

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Camps in Dhanaulti – Camping in Dhanaulti – Dhanaulti Camps


Dhanaulti a small hill station in the foothills of the beautiful Himalayan mountains with a proximity of 24km from Mussoorie, invites you to a whole new world and meaning of adventure and camping in Dhanaulti.


Nature ,greenery and mountains. These are what truly define the idea of a perfect program for camping in Dhanaulti. Feel the excitement in the air and the fresh pollution free air as you inhale this purity while camping in Dhanaulti. And do not forget to carry your camera along to capture those picturesque settings that beautify this charming destination offering tranquility and peace of mind as soon as you enter the spot.


Enjoy the thrill of adventure while camping in dhanaulti with many thrilling activities accompanying it, including river rafting, trekking, valley crossing, Burma Bridge and more to keep you actively occupied as you spend a fun-filled weekend by yourself or with friends.

Other activities to keep the camping in Dhanaulti on the go:


There is no dearth of places to visit when it comes to sightseeing around the place some of the prominent ones which include the Eco Park, Dhanaulti Adventure Park, Potato Farm, Surkhanda Devi Temple, and more such places that you will simply love upon each visit.


This is yet another interesting activity that will keep your spirits high while camping in Dhanaulti. While a bonfire is practically used to eliminate any waste substances that are burnable , it also symbolises celebration and what more could be a better way to celebrate your vacation than sitting by the bonfire, with a guitar in hand or just humming some tunes (if you are not a guitar player!) and just enjoying a cosy evening with your near and dear ones around you. So create that special evening for yourself and your family or friends with those lovely bonfire evenings as you camps in Dhanaulti.

When to visit Dhanaulti

This spot is such that you can visit it in any of the three seasons – summer, monsoons or winters. One can get to visit the local attractions at any time of the day or even in the evening or night. And if you are wondering which are the ideal months to visit Dhanaulti, these include: February, March, April, May, June, July, October, November, and December.

Dhanaulti-your weekend getaway

Take that much needed break from your routine work life,responsibilities and monotony by camping in Dhanaulti – your perfect weekend getaway. Far from the madenning crowd and the hustle and bustle of city life, this lovely endowment of nature, awaits you and lets you rejuvenate your mind,body and soul upon your visit and camps in Dhanaulti.

So why wait? Just pack your bags, and gear up to head to the mountains that beckon you. And while booking the best campsite, opt for ‘Camp Little Jaguar’ – a well-equipped campsite offering the best of services to visitors along with the best of amenities and facilities to make their stay while camping in Dhanaulti a pleasant one.

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