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Beginners Guide for Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India

Beginners Guide for Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India

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Are you seeking a career change or wanting to switch to a healthy lifestyle? Transform your life and others’ too by beginning and practicing yoga. Any new activity , in the beginning is proceeded by a certain degree of nervousness and excitement. Yoga entails the same. To know how to overcome these feelings and put yourself at ease, read further.

Where to make a start

Beginning a yoga course in its country of origin is the best way to give it a go. So India is the place to be. The “yoga capital of the world”- Rishikesh lies in this diverse land. You will find a variety of yoga schools here to choose from for a yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh. One of the leading schools here is Himalayan Yoga Association which imparts the ancient teachings of multi style ashtanga yoga, hatha yoga and vinyasa flow yoga. What makes it an ideal choice especially for beginners in yoga is that they make the students feel at home while starting with the asanas. As a part of their various courses on yoga teacher training, they conduct 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh classes to lay the foundation for beginners. In this course you will gain an insight into the skills and abilities needed to prepare for becoming a yoga teacher.

What to expect as a beginner

Props required: Remember to carry a yoga mat and water. You can also check these with your yoga school that you have enrolled in as many schools are well equipped with the necessary props such as blankets and bolsters, straps and blocks etc.

During class: A group class generally lasts between 60 to 75 minutes or more. Your yoga teacher will provide you the guidance on breathing and bodily movements for the poses.

End of the class: The class ends with ‘Savasana’, a pose where you are required to lie down on your back while closing your eyes and relax. After Savasana, you will hear the teacher saying “namaste”, repeated by the students. This is a mark of gratitude and thanking each other for the session. The word “namaste” is said by the teacher, and the students repeat. Do not hesitate to talk to your teacher for any doubts or queries at the end of the class.

Working with injuries

As a beginner you may be faced with the challenge on how to avoid injuries given the unfamiliarity with new asanas. Himalayan Yoga Association in Rishikesh has highly experienced and skilled team of yoga teachers who give particular attention to this issue and guide students on how to avoid injuries while performing the asanas.

As a beginner, you may find the various asanas challenging and may have doubts cropping up in your mind such as – whether you have the calibre to practice yoga or not, whether you can handle difficult poses, whether you can be consistent enough to meet the set standards and so on. However, you must have a positive bent of mind so that you can give a good start to your yogic journey.

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