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Camps in Dhanaulti – Camping in Dhanaulti – Dhanaulti Camps

Camps in Dhanaulti – Camping in Dhanaulti – Dhanaulti Camps


Dhanaulti a small hill station in the foothills of the beautiful Himalayan mountains with a proximity of 24km from Mussoorie, invites you to a whole new world and meaning of adventure and camping in Dhanaulti.


Nature ,greenery and mountains. These are what truly define the idea of a perfect program for camping in Dhanaulti. Feel the excitement in the air and the fresh pollution free air as you inhale this purity while camping in Dhanaulti. And do not forget to carry your camera along to capture those picturesque settings that beautify this charming destination offering tranquility and peace of mind as soon as you enter the spot.


Enjoy the thrill of adventure while camping in dhanaulti with many thrilling activities accompanying it, including river rafting, trekking, valley crossing, Burma Bridge and more to keep you actively occupied as you spend a fun-filled weekend by yourself or with friends.

Other activities to keep the camping in Dhanaulti on the go:


There is no dearth of places to visit when it comes to sightseeing around the place some of the prominent ones which include the Eco Park, Dhanaulti Adventure Park, Potato Farm, Surkhanda Devi Temple, and more such places that you will simply love upon each visit.


This is yet another interesting activity that will keep your spirits high while camping in Dhanaulti. While a bonfire is practically used to eliminate any waste substances that are burnable , it also symbolises celebration and what more could be a better way to celebrate your vacation than sitting by the bonfire, with a guitar in hand or just humming some tunes (if you are not a guitar player!) and just enjoying a cosy evening with your near and dear ones around you. So create that special evening for yourself and your family or friends with those lovely bonfire evenings as you camps in Dhanaulti.

When to visit Dhanaulti

This spot is such that you can visit it in any of the three seasons – summer, monsoons or winters. One can get to visit the local attractions at any time of the day or even in the evening or night. And if you are wondering which are the ideal months to visit Dhanaulti, these include: February, March, April, May, June, July, October, November, and December.

Dhanaulti-your weekend getaway

Take that much needed break from your routine work life,responsibilities and monotony by camping in Dhanaulti – your perfect weekend getaway. Far from the madenning crowd and the hustle and bustle of city life, this lovely endowment of nature, awaits you and lets you rejuvenate your mind,body and soul upon your visit and camps in Dhanaulti.

So why wait? Just pack your bags, and gear up to head to the mountains that beckon you. And while booking the best campsite, opt for ‘Camp Little Jaguar’ – a well-equipped campsite offering the best of services to visitors along with the best of amenities and facilities to make their stay while camping in Dhanaulti a pleasant one.

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