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Get Ready To Experience Brand New Mozilla Firefox

Get Ready To Experience Brand New Mozilla Firefox

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Recognized as the third most popular web browser in the world, Mozilla Firefox has always given a tough competition to its competitors. It has overhauled its previous faults with the brand new release of its latest version Mozilla Firefox 29. With its sleek look and many newly introduced features, Firefox 29 will give a rough rivalry to Google Chrome.

Few days back, Microsoft has warned its users again Internet Explorer due to a major security flaw. This is surely going to benefit Mozilla, as its new version will provide the much-needed protection to the users. It is available for download to your Windows or Mac system, from its official website or you can update it from your older version Mozilla Firefox. The latest features, which may make Mozilla rises to the occasion, are:

Smooth Design

Like Google Chrome, Mozilla has changed it to a sleeker and smooth design. Unlike its blocky design, it has now gone to simple and curves that looks like Google Chrome. It will also highlight the tab on which you are working which adds to more glossy designs.

Appearance of Firefox Menu

If you were unable to see the features of older versions of Firefox, then Firefox 29 has something new to offer. It has introduced ‘Firefox Menu’, which will provide you all the necessary features at one place. This will make it easier for user to work on Mozilla.

Better Customization

The new Firefox 29 will have a Customize option in which a user can choose the feature, which they want to appear on Firefox Menu. They can change the navigation bar, URL field. This feature has made their latest Firefox look more like Chrome.

The above are the basic changes that are introduced in Firefox 29. If you want to know more about the latest version, download it today from the official website of Firefox.