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House Painting Procedure To Help You For A Flawless Result

House Painting Procedure To Help You For A Flawless Result


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The easiest and quickest way to upgrade the look of your house is to paint it fresh. With only some colourful paint strokes can change the entire aura of your house with a new visual appeal. Painting is not hard to do the task as you can do it yourself if you have a little confidence and a passion for doing your home improvement tasks all by yourself. It will not only add to your life experiences but will also prove to be a cost-effective solution to beautify your house and protect your walls. The best part of house wall painting is that you will not have to wait for the results if you have the right guidance with you.

Choose The Right Weather

If you are planning to work in a humid atmosphere, the paint will be dripping down instead of drying quickly. Rainy seasons brings more dampness in the walls that can result in the slow drying process. If it happens, the constant dripping of the paint will make it hard for the paint to stay on the walls. It is better that you wait for the dry and sunny weather to paint your house.

Buy The Best Accessories

You should know what you need while you are planning to paint your walls in a perfect manner. Do not settle for less because quality products and accessories are what produces quality results. Choose high-quality rollers, paint brushes, and painter’s tape so that you will not have to worry about the scattered stokes of paint due to the low-quality brushes and rollers. Make sure the rollers can provide you with a thick texture of paint according to the texture of your walls.

Estimate For The Quantity

If you have started to paint without the information about the quantity of paint that will be needed, it can get very difficult to get the same color again. When you buy the paint, consult the paint manufacturer to send an expert in order to help you out with an exact and accurate estimate about the quantity of paint your walls will take. Use the paint intelligently and mix all the paint boxes into a single container to make the painting easy.

Color Selection Is Important

Make sure you choose the right colors that will look appealing and will complement the theme of the room in which the color is applied. Select the colors wisely and make them last longer with proper strokes.


Cover Everything That Should Be Unpainted

When you start the new house painting, don’t forget to cover everything that you don’t want to get painted. This will surely take some time but you can save yourself from the regret of damaging your furniture and wooden fixtures. Simply, cover them with plastic sheets and cloth in order to prevent any paint drops from falling over them. You can also remove all the lights and bulbs and cover the switchboards and will side with painter’s tape.

Use Canvas For Floors

One of the most common mistakes that people do during a DIY painting project is that they use plastic sheets for covering the floors. Plastic cannot contain the paint falling on it and will create a slippery effect on the floor. This will only make it difficult for you to paint. Canvas, on the other hand, can easily absorb paint that can make it easier to work on a flat and dry floor.

Inspect And Prepare Your Walls

Use a scraper and scrape down any flaky surface from the walls. Inspect for any cracks or holes and fill them through caulking. Clean your walls from all the dirt and stains in order to make the new paint shine and glow.

Primer Coating & Painting

Use a high-quality primer to provide your walls with a protective coat. Using a primer before the paint and shiner after the paint will make the paint last longer. After the primer is dried. Fix your roller with an extension pole and start to paint from top to bottom. Let the first coat dry and apply the second coat only if it is needed.