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Meditation Therapy Training Course in Goa

Meditation Therapy Training Course in Goa

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Meditation Therapy Training Course in Goa

Yoga is not just about asana. The physical practice is a gateway for many people to find deeper meaning in their life. Our training provides the opportunity to reconnect with something deep inside of yourself that you’ve long forgotten but never left. This training will help to harmonise body, mind, and spirit into pure being. A professional meditation and mindfulness teacher should be able to mentor the student every step of the way: helping them to understand what mindfulness and meditation are, giving them keys to a successful practice, teaching them how to practice a variety of techniques, addressing their personal concerns, educating them on the benefits they can receive, helping them to navigate the obstacles they may face in practice, and giving them advice on how to sustain an everyday meditation and mindfulness practice.

Meditative awareness or Meditation is considered to be the most supreme phenomenon as far as the union with reality is concerned. This meditative awareness, attention or observation becomes the central thread or core practice of all eight limbs of yoga. Our meditation therapy teacher training course in Goa mainly focused on experiential and transnational aspect along with imparting the skill and methods to teach the meditation practices. These meditation practices are normally taught by combining both the core principles of yogic science and modern medical science to make it complete and contemporary.

It is with great pleasure that we are announcing the opening of enrolment of our nationally acclaimed meditation therapy teacher training certification for a limited number of participants that are interested in learning meditation and it’s practices. While many practitioners may offer meditation therapy, very few create programs that are firmly grounded in science and practice. We comprehensive nationally acclaimed focused awareness meditation teacher training, delivers evidence-based practices for a complete meditation training. We believe a new mediator should be mentored by an experienced professional; someone who can take the mystery out of meditation and mindfulness and make it accessible to everyone, regardless of their cultural beliefs or religious traditions. When someone is taught to meditate correctly, he or she is more likely to continue to meditate on their own and can soon experience the myriad benefits that meditation therapy provides.

Please note that this course is suitable for all levels, but if you come after at the second part of the month it’s better to have some experience in meditative practice. You can take the training and apply the practices for personal use, and if you are inspired to do so, take your practice to the next level and complete your certification.

Address: Parimukti Yoga Center, Kanira Homes,
Girkarwaddo, End of Magic Park Road,
Arambol, 403524,
Goa, India
Phone: +919637521278

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