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Why Schema Tags Are Important In SEO?


Today the importance of schema tags is much more than the influence of Meta tags and HTML tags, whether it’s your local business, organization, or event. It is not just vital that you have schema tad on your website to improve the visibility prominent your website bin search results, but more importantly, you should have the right schema tags for your website to make it more visible in search results.

The famous internet marketing company, YEAH! Local has explained some essential points of schema tags, which we don’t know often.

Types of schema tags

  • Microdata
  • RDFa

JASON LD is the accessible schema code that is implemented on the website. But if you are not familiar with Jason, then don’t worry because still, you can use Microdata or RDFa schema code to get benefited. It doesn’t matter whether you use JASON LD or any other Microdata format because both provide you equal benefits. As far as search engines are concerned, they don’t feel different between Jason LD or A Tel prop schema tags, and they read them both and gives them equal prominence.

How many schema tags you require

There is no such limit on the schema tags, and you can insert as many schema tags as you want for your website, but it is recommended that you should only use limited schema tags or tags which are only required for your business. Don’t inset too many schema tags. It doesn’t mean that Google will punish you for inserting too many schema tags because Google seriously doesn’t bother about it, but inserting too many schema tags will make your website coding heavier, and it’s load time will increase which is not suitable for any website.


What type of schema tags is required for what kind of website?

For e-commerce website

Product Schema: In the product schema tags on all the product pages with aggregate reviews and ratings.

Organization schema: Most of the e-commerce platforms have heir own separate entity;, therefore, organization schema tags are more required for such websites.

Search Schema: This type of schema is intended to promote the search bar or search ribbon, which is present on almost all the eCommerce websites.

For local businesses:

Local Business Schema: For any local business like plumbing services, electricians, or cleaning services, the local business schema is required.

Make sure while creating the local business schema following fields should be taken into account like

  • The exact physical address of business with a correct PO number
  • Proper telephone number
  • Business Logo
  • Accurate business description
  • Business Website

Importance for the users

The schema tags don’t have any technical significance. Though Google and other search engines do give a lot of importance to the schema tags they don’t make a significant difference in the rankings. Google, in particular, highlights the schema tags in the search results, but don’t be in the misconceptions that if you have schema tags on your website, then you have more chances of getting rank higher in the search results. Google has never officially said this. Though, time after time, Google keeps saying that if you got the right schema tags on your website, it would improve its visibility, . Still, they never said that the schema tags are the direct ranking factor and have an impact on the rankings in Google search results.