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Archive August 2019

Gangotri Trek To The Source Of Ganga


Wish to become a’happy wanderer’ travelling across the mountain track? Then here is the right excursion program for you-

The Gangotri trek is just one of the popular treks of Uttarakhand in India. And if You’re wondering why, read on to Discover More about the Gangotri trek and what it holds in store for all the adventure fans seeking a fun-filled vacation or a rejuvenating break ahead: The place is so named’Gomukh’ or’Gaumukh’ that lies at a distance of 19 km (11.8 mi) as of the township of Gangotri, happening to be the source of a significant tributary of the river Ganga — the river Bhagirathi. Situated just over this celestial Gangotri Glacier is Tapovan — a stunning high altitude pasture. The Gangotri trek allows a great chance to travellers to pass through the celestial glaciers- character’s divine beauty that you can’t but help stopping by to respect. So if you are interested in finding the ideal experience experience up to now, the Gangotri trek promises it entirely! The trail has been moderately rated, which makes it suitable for both mountaineers in addition to non-mountaineers that are fit and healthy enough to undertake such experience.

In addition, the Gangotri trek lets you make the most of the mesmerizing views of Tapovan.

Switch your plans for the Gangotri trek into reality with an exclusive trip program hosted by Himalayan Outdoors- the very best guide for your Gangotri trek.

A glimpse into the Itinerary for Gangotri trek with Himalayan Outdoors


Day 1 : Rishikesh to Uttarkashi

Being the significant town of the area, Uttarkashi is the abode of numerous ancient ashrams and Dharamshalas, and temples. Uttarkashi is the gateway to many trekking and mountaineering expeditions in the zone of the Gangotri.

Day 2: Uttarkashi to Gangotri

Begin your day with the beautiful view of the golden sunrise inviting you with its heat and with a cup of tea to add to the warmth. What more might be a much better way to kickstart the day! More actions follow the remainder of the day and end with an overnight hotel stay.

Day 3 : Gangotri to Bhojwassa

Meet our dynamic trekking team to begin the Gangotri trek heading towards Bhojvasa. Spend the evening by enjoying the beautiful sunset hosted by the peaks of Bhagirathi. Anyway, an evening supper followed by immediately hault from the tents awaits you on this afternoon.

Day 04 : Bhojwassa to Gomukh

Gomukh is a notable spot as it forms the origin of the holy Ganges and can be highly worshipped by devouts who believe in taking a holy dip inspite of this chilling feel of their waters. Discover more of the region after that you’ll be able to hike back to Bhojvasa and then hault to an overnight stay.

Day 05: Bhojwassa to Gangotri trek

Day 6: Uttarkashi to Rishikesh, which concludes the trip.

To generate the best of this exciting itinery and also to know further what more lies in store in order to add value for your trip, hurry up and get ready for the best hiking encounter ever with Himalayan Outdoors!

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Himalayan Outdoors

Address: 08 Ground Floor, Om Plaza, Kailash Gate, Muni Ki Reti, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249137, India
Contact: +91-9837889969

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“Who” (What) Are You Sleeping with Tonight?


It’s late and you’re tired. The day’s been long. You’ve worked and/or played hard for about seventeen hours and the sun has been down for hours. You feel relaxed, but it’s time to hit the sack. So, off you go, get a shower, brush your teeth, put on some cologne or perfume and your sleeping attire and hit the sack.

And there they may be, waiting patiently for your arrival. They can’t wait to snuggle up against you. They’re excited, anxious, and ready. They really don’t care who they come close to, as long as they have blood. They are Culicidae and they have invaded households, cruise ships, hotels, motels, campsites, travel trailers, and any place you could possibly imagine, and they do so without regard to social standing. They’ve set out to become the new social panacea, though we really want nothing to do with them. They are bedbugs.

Bedbugs are small parasites. They are much smaller than their hosts and are picky when it comes to where they want to “dine.” They thrive in a certain environmental niche and exist on a limited diet – your blood. They will tolerate a wide range of environmental conditions, but prefer a nice warm body to curl up with – yours.

They’ll thrive and grow their colonies to vast numbers if you treat them well. As their host, you may not even know they are there. They are tricky. But let them grow in numbers and their presence will eventually be known to you.


create a lot of waste, piles of it in fact. They may appear to be dark spots on your mattress, which may be dried blood, their feces, skin sheds, eggs, dead bed bugs and so on. They’ll appear inside your mattress, between the mattress and box springs, under the bed, or in your linens.

You can catch them in the act of trying to snuggle up to you. Bring a flashlight to bed. About an hour before dawn scan your linens as you lay in bed. Don’t freak out. You might see them moving about. If you move, they’ll scurry to hide. They’re shy.

Want to be sure they’re really bed bugs. It’s duct tape time! Lay strips of duct tape, sticky side up, on the floor around your bed. Try to remember it’s there if you get up during the night to visit the bathroom. Stick a few more on the sides of your mattress by taping two strips together with a third piece rolled up in between the first two. Leave them there for a few days. If you do indeed have bed bugs, you’ll capture a few. They’re small and look similar to a cockroach.

What now? CLEANING TIME. Remove the linens, wash them in HOT water – spend the extra $.40 a load, as 120-degree water kills the little buggers. Don’t leave clothes lying around the bed. Wash them separately from your linens. Put them separately in the dryer – on high. Step two. Don’t take stuff out of your bedroom into other rooms of the house. You’ll transport the little darlings to a new habitat, like junior’s room or the family room sofa, infesting the rest of the house. Vacuum. Vacuum. Vacuum. NOTE: If you have a bag-less vacuum DON’T VACUUM, as you’ll only spread them around via a free air trip. Other things NOT TO DO include bleaching the day lights out of stuff – you’ll only succeed in irritating your skin. Contrary to popular belief lavender oil does not kill bed bugs, though it does smell nice. Don’t turn up the heat in the house unless you can get the entire house temperature to 120 degrees; also, you can’t freeze them out either. Keep the thermostat where it is currently set.

Finally, it’s good to know that everybody reacts differently to bed bug bites. Most people won’t even feel them. The little buggers inject a chemical into you to stop your blood from clotting, so they get their full meal. The anti-coagulant keeps you from feeling the bite while you’re asleep. If you are allergic to the bites see your doctor, as the rash may be a reaction to the bug’s anti-coagulant. Rarely do people have serious health problems as a result of their bites. If you still need help from the professional pest control company goes to GC PEST CONROL.

Best Camping Dhanaulti Kanatal – Adventure Camps Kanatal Dhanaulti


Hectic daily city lifestyle routine, especially seen one of the urban population nowadays, camping in Dhanaulti programs are now trending and enjoying a broad recognition. With such need, Dhanaulti promises an enthralling adventure as you has to catch the most mesmerizing views of the gorgeous Garhwal Himalayan range.

Growing proud and tall into a height of 2,286 m over sea Level, Dhanaulti situated in the country of Uttarkhand at India, is really among the very best destinations not yet been researched. Dhanaulti gives the perfect holiday setup for adventure fans and backpackers. In a brief distance in the towns of Delhi and Dehradun, Dhanaulti guarantees that an adventure to remember because you enjoy yourself endangering the lap of nature.

From tents at which you can avail the basic conveniences to all those pampering you in most of their luxurious, Dhanaulti has a vast range of alternatives for the traveler.

Best Camps in Dhanaulti

Refresh your brain and entire self with a few of the best Holiday programs through the very best camping in Dhanaulti provided by Camp Little Jaguar. Connect into the beauty of nature on an entirely new level! Seize a fantastic break in our cozy and luxurious tents along with also the benefit of indulging in a few of the amazing, fun-filled actions in Dhanaulti. This exceptional camp at Dhanaulti presents a lively mixture of the goodness of character combined with the comforts of a holiday — one at which you won’t lose out on the equivalent delight of a resort stay or preferably one which promises you over a traditional hotel stopover!

Our Advanture camping in Dhanaulti

Remembering the advantage and enjoyment of its The guests can be certain of a calm location of this camp with boundless calmness and relaxation. Our exclusive facilities throughout your stay in our camp comprise:

§ Luxurious peaks well-equipped using a combination of basic Cum contemporary amenities

§ sport and game rooms

§ Baby sitting

§ Audio/video equipments

§ Inviting backyard area

§ Fun-filled and experience activities like bon Fire and picnics, hiking, rock climbing and a lot more on the move!

§ Interesting Obstacle classes like Tarzan Swing, commando Internet, cat walk and much more to research on each trip.

Be it your idea or plan of comfort, respect of The environment or to just begin with a very long list of experience sports, Dhanaulti includes a great deal in store for you this holiday and Camp Little Jaguar is All set to fulfill your aims and needs through their very best efforts.

Get in Touch:

Shop No 8 , Om Plaza, Kailash Gate ,
Muni Ki Reti , Rishikesh Uttarakhand
Mobile : +91 9837889969, 8447612261

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