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Online 500 Hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training Bali

Online 500 Hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training Bali


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The teacher training program of 500 hours is a rare opportunity not only to acquire skills of world-class as a qualified teacher of yoga, but to return to the roots of the purpose of your life and redirect yourself .. This educational opportunity is based on Hatha yoga and holistic therapy which has proved to be an impressive path for those who want to delve into the greater details of yoga. Online 500 hours yin yoga teacher training in Bali offers the opportunity to reconnect with the natural philosophy that dwells within you, and to gather the skills that will profoundly affect the lives of your future students. The 500 yin hour yoga teacher training course is a unique professional training on yoga that teaches you how to gain more knowledge of the Hatha yoga through a comprehensive understanding of 5 elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and space. The program offers you both the opportunity to qualify as an International teacher of Yoga and to seize the opportunity to explore your relationship with Yoga elements.

The attractive tropical island of Bali also known as the” island Of the gods”, and is one amongst the most well-known places on earth to learn the art of yoga, especially for those who want to immerse themselves in the culture, heritage and spirituality that the island is so famous for. It is a fantastic place to relax, rejuvenate and engage, with yourself and your practice. This draws more and more people from all over the world towards yoga teacher training courses in Bali.


The yoga scene in Bali has exploded ever since the movie ‘Eat, pray, love ‘ was shot right here. There are so many yoga retreats and yoga centers on the island that offer courses on yoga teacher training (also known as YTTC) ; so much so that it can be difficult to decide which one is better. So before you spend your precious thousands on a particular course, do your research and find the best YTTC that suits your needs. Do ensure that the course selected by you is Yoga Alliance approved. Zen Yoga Bali is one of the best yin yoga schools in Bali offering courses on Online 500 hours yin yoga teacher training in Bali approved by Yoga Alliance US, Yoga Alliance UK and Yoga Alliance International. It aims to impart multi-style yoga education through the teachings of traditional Ashtanga Yoga / Hatha Yoga & Vinyasa flow yoga “as it is” so that students can know the secrets to living healthy and blissful yogic lifestyle. You can become a certified yoga teacher once you have successfully passed this course and will be eligible to teach yoga anywhere in the world.

Maybe you want to change your career and become a yoga teacher, or perhaps you just want to take a bit of time to learn more about the yogic philosophy, focus on deepening your practice, or simply discover more about yourself. Either way, taking a Online 500 hours yin yoga teacher training in Bali could be something that could really transform your life and Bali surely is one of the best places to do it!